General payment and cancellation conditions


Check-in at the Spa Hotel Děvín is from 14:00, Check-out until 11:00.

Cancellation conditions:

Stay up to 2 nights included: Only accommodation with breakfast

Bookings at Spa Hotel Děvín are at least 48 hours ahead of time.

At the end of the cancellation or in case of non-smoking, 100 % of the first night is calculated.

Stayed from 2 nights: Wellness package + Treatment package from 5 nights, including:

• If a stay of 7 days or less before the stay (or at non-special rates) is canceled or ordered, the full price of all services provided will be calculated.

• If the stay within 14 - 8 days is canceled or canceled before arrival, 50% of the prices of all services are calculated.

• If the stay between 21 and 15 days is canceled or canceled before arrival, 25% of the prices of all services are calculated

A credit card or pre-payment for the first night of the stay is required as a guarantee.

CANCELLATION PROVISIONS for the offer "Not applicable pre-payment / pre-payment" - Payment on the day of booking. The total price of the reservation is calculated on the day of booking and is not applicable. Please note that there is no need to cancel a cancellation or change of booking or if you have not received the total amount of the stay.

If your reservation is canceled, you must cancel online or by e-mail or check out the booking department at the hotel, in order to cancel the reservation.

During the cancellation, the first night is taken into account. The payment / reservation fee is not provided.